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    Where Can I View The Instruction Manual?


    The international manual can be viewed here: International Manual

    How Do I Use UVShield+?

    Step 1

    Insert the USB cable into the power supply and connect it to the port in the back of the unit.

    Step 2

    Open the lid, put mobile phones, jewelry, watches, and other items that need to be sanitized into the unit and close the lid.

    Step 3

    Press the button once to start the three minute sanitizing cycle. The button will illuminate blue.

    Step 4

    After three minutes, the light will turn off and you will hear three buzz sounds to indicate the sanitization process is complete.


    To cancel the sanitization cycle, press the button once during the cycle and you will hear one buzz sound and the light will turn off. If the cover is opened during the cycle, the UV light will automatically power off.

    Where Can I View the 3rd Party Lab Testing For UVShield+?

    You can view the 3rd party lab results here: 3rd Party Lab Results