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    intelliGLASS sports precisely-cut holes for the home button and speaker ports, and is super easy to install with a silicone adhesive that goes on like a charm-effortless and bubble-free. And with its industry-leading proprietary coating built right into the clear glass, you're covered from unsightly smudges and fingerprints, without losing out on brightness, crispness, or touch sensitivity. 

    Spills, bumps, hits or dings, with intelliGLASS, you'll take all that and more in your stride.

    • 100% COVERAGE protects entire screen
    • SLIM AND LIGHTWEIGHT hardened glass screen protector
    • PREMIUM OLEOPHOBIC COATING for smudge-free anti-glare display
    • EFFORTLESS, BUBBLE-RESISTANT INSTALLATION with precision-cut holes for camera and home button
    • CLEAR COATING with stunningly crisp display and 100% touch sensitivity


    Each intelliGLASS kit includes

    *0.33 MM intelliGLASS screen protector 
    *Touch screen cleaner 
    *Dust removal tape 
    *Microfiber Cloth 
    *intelliARMOR Lifetime Warranty
    *Retail Packaging

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